The Ten Most Promising Penny Stocks 2015

The world of penny stocks is a fickle one indeed. It is so easy to make the wrong decision as to what to invest in. If you are looking for top penny stocks to buy now, these companies might interest you. Its a list of rising penny stocks for this year. They look like giving good returns and may continue to do so if you invest wisely. (do your own research as well)

  1. [NYSE: TA] TravelCenters Of America LLC

First in our ‘top 10’ list is, TravelCenters of America. Its one of the biggest travel service companies in the USA. It has over 250 travel centers in the U.S. and Canada. It is right at the verge of not being a penny stock and is therefore perfect for investors.

The company is very aggressive when it comes to buying up new locations. It purchased 64 new places in the three years between 2011 and 2014. Since the world’s fuel prices have got a little lower, the company is going to gain more. The company has yet to cease its very aggressive expansion strategy and is worth watching.

  1. [NYSE: NNA] Navios Maritime Acquisition Corporation

This corporation is based in Monaco. It operates a fleet of 39 double-hulled petroleum and chemical tankers for international transport. It leases these ships to large energy, oil, and vessel companies for any amount of time, including short term, mid-term and long term charters. The operations extend to renewable energy projects as well as crude oil refineries.

The stock of Navios has seen steady growth, and is at 18.24% performance. At a time when oil prices have reduced, this company is still growing. It would be a very good investment for penny stocks.

  1. [NASDAQ: PAAS] Pan American Silver Corp.

The company is one of the most famous on the planet. It has mines in most of South America. It also has statistics at present standing at:

  • 5 million ounces of silver and 2.49 million ounces of gold proven and probable.
  • 4 million ounces of silver and 1.59 million ounces of gold measured and indicated.
  • 7 million ounces of silver and 1.31 million ounces of gold inferred.
  • In the third quarter of 2015, the company reported having ended that quarter with cash worth $377.5 million, and a capital of $606.9 million.

These statistics just go to show that the penny stocks in this company are worth taking notice of.

  1. [NYSE: XUE] Xueda Education Group

This is a Chinese company that does private tutoring for secondary and primary school children. They were purchased by a company listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange for $350 million on the 27th of July.

The company is very successful because its services produce quantifiable results. As China’s economy grows, more people enlist their services. Xueda’s stock has risen 110.5% this year. It is now valued at $5.03. It is safe to say that this company is one to watch for.

  1. [NASDAQ: OCLR] Oclaro Inc.

Oclaro Inc., provides optical components for lasers to a large number of markets. It sells adjustable lasers, lithium niobate modulators, receivers, transponders and many more. It also supplies optical network components to telecommunications companies. It deals with the design and manufacture of a wide variety of optical components for both telecom and non-telecom markets.

It also resells the things it produces to a number of other companies like those in energy, electricity, education and power.

The stock performance of the company has risen by 29.21% this year, and it has been profiting in the last month, showcasing it as a rising star in penny stocks.

  1. [NASDAQ: COWN] Cowen Group Inc.

Cowen Group is a financial services firm that acts as a brokerage, among other things like providing securities and trust and investment banking services. By the beginning of October, 2014, it had assets worth $12.2 billion.

Their net income has jumped by 80.5%, and their revenue for the third quarter of 2014 was up by 20% (to $110.3 million). The stock has gone up by 552% since 2009 because of the success of this company’s operations.

This group’s stock is definitely one worth watching in the near future.

  1. [NASDAQ: CRWN] Crown Media Holdings Inc.

Crown Media Holdings operates a television network that offers a number of programs. These include movies, TV shows, and other varieties of entertainment. They stock channels such as Hallmark and other popular choices.

They also play a lot of popular show, meaning that a lot of viewers turn to this company for their entertainment needs.

The company’s stock performance recently has been 45.48%, and it has experienced a good growth in its value. This surely looks like a hot penny stock.

  1. [NYSE: MFG] Mizuho Financial Group, Inc.

This is a Japanese firm that deals in banking procedures. It provides securities and asset management services alongside personal, retail and corporate banking services.

It has been expanding steadily since its inception. Over the past year, Mizuho has had a stock performance of 8.92% and has been rising since April. It looks like a good performance is to be had throughout the year, so it would be a good choice to invest in.

  1. [NASDAQ: TECU] Tecumseh Products Co.

This company is a manufacturer of hermetically sealed compressors. It is soon to be acquired by Mueller Industries, Inc. and Atlas Holdings for $123 million.

Tecumesh’s shares have risen by 60.5% this year and are valued at $4.96. The stock surged by 154% in the past week or two. This is one company that is definitely worth investing in!

  1. [NASDAQ: PBMD] Prima Biomed Ltd.

This Australian company is a researcher, developer and seller of biotech products for things like treating cancer. It has gained recognition for its product that treats metastatic breast cancer.

The company’s stocks are up 76.1% this year, at $1.18, and is a great investment option for penny stocks.

There you have it. 10 companies worth investing in this year, or at least watching. Make sure you do your research before entering into anything. Good luck!